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by Nicholas on Nov.22, 2009, under

One month didn't update, now too bored already, so decided to start updating my blog. So as a summary of the update, I went to Tasmania for a week, was having a great time with Bernice, Alex, Feng Tian, Regi, Roy and YY. Thanks guys for bringing a fun trip together.

Guess what, one month a lot of things change quickly, many things happen again, can't describe the feelings inside me. Firstly, I was so happy, for such a long time, Sabrina and I finally chat back, it was like 6 months ago last contact before I left Penang for Melbourne, and she having difficulties to online. Well I can say, welcome back =D, damn missing the days last year while sharing our life together.

Secondly, Happy belated birthday to Nicole Sim, although already told her at phone, still at blog say a happy birthday, if not her, I think I don't know myself got that old and "cham hei". Wei Nicole, 19 years old already, please be mature a bit, don't be that childish already.

Thirdly, Happy Anniversary to my daughter, Nicole Yeoh, one year with bf de =D ^^.

Continue with the results release of mine, done pretty well except for one subject, sweat, FAIL again, not sure if I really got the potential to write a good program. Then I found out something that is not really the right time should know, but since already know the things, dedicated me to go and study even well now!

Ups and downs of life, never going to be underestimate again, it really changes my life since I know something so secret and wanted to know it for such a long time, I hope everyone out there, please appreciate things that is right beside you, and appreciate the friends around you.

I very appreciate what I had right now, with the best friends like Martin, C, Keit, both Nicole, both Alicia, Sharon, Coco and Sabrina. =D
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