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by Nicholas on Nov.22, 2009, under

Well, still as the same, freaking boring days at here right now, make me didn't sleep well also, hard to go in to the bed. So long don't really update because there are nothing to be updated too =X.

Haha, now come to the mind that friends are so important to each human being. Lets list out my friends and I will comment about them.

1) Martin Ch'ng -- > Well this guy, how to say, if I didn't started to play DoTA, then I won't be able to know him, guess what, we know each other for 4 years already, treat him as a buddy for life, don't know whether he does that too a not. He knows what I am thinking most of the time, same goes to me, fate to know each other. He is such a friendly guy who carries a lot of uncommon materials to irritates you, but in the mean time, when he does that, he brings out a lot of meaning of living and real facts. This is what I thought. We do share a lot of common things, lifestyle, experiences and friends. Sometimes people do think that we are gay but we aren't. Can say if not him, I wont be able to find out my true self. We also see through each other's changes while growing up to be a mature guy. Endless crapping to end with, we had crazy minds of idea for the future, that the way we relax.

2) Sharon Low -- > She is now part of my life already, hopefully will ended in the way I wanted and the way she wanted the most. Well as the first day we know each other, that time still as friends, she always comes to me with a sad story, and I always tried my best to comfort her back and give her the right opinion. When started to chase her and she being my gf, she taught me a lot of things, eg. how to comfort back a girl in the correct way and how to think from other people point of view, being with her brings so much fun and care for each other. Althought bad things usually do happen in every couple life, we already cope and manage with a lot of things and finally I feel that is time that we seriously think about the future. Hope she does think this way ^^. I really do miss her so much right now. I still remember all the things while being with her, it brings me kind of happiness inside my heart, I hope do share the happiness with her forever.

3) Nicole Yeoh -- > A pleasent girl to be friends with, always covers up all her bad moods and feelings don't want to let other people knows. Always come with a gentle smile which gives me a nice feeling also, so miss the days in HSC while we are studying together. Think back of it, there are many stories behind our fate to become father and daughter. Well, as a conclusion, if there are no friends there spreading that I wanted to chase her before, our relationship right now won't be as strong as we thought. Care her as a daughter, owed her a lot of things already, hopefully I got one day will slowly return her the feel of a family.

4) Nicole Sim -- > Such a nice friend to have, I really asked the god, why don't you let me know her earlier before she went to KL. Knowing her adds another new chapter to my life, she is quite understanding sometimes, and quite annoying sometimes. Feel that she and Martin do share a common thinking, always shot people with facts and points. She did share a part of my life while I am in a low mood condition last year, really thanks to her for waking me up and live on. Miraclly we know each other by net again, and meet up last year end and having a great trip together. Hope that this year end trip will be even better then the previous one.

5) Chester Ch'ng -- > He is an up and down friend. Do remember last time I and him having quarrel because of Hui Ying and some misunderstanding and miscommunication, make us didn't talk for a few months, but since that, he is truthly a good friend to me. Well, frankly speaking, we always hang out together and having breakfast together. Feels like old folks act having breakfast together. He also share a lot of experience with me together, brings me to see the world and knows people's intention so clearly. He is a full minded focus person, who focus on a thing and wont give up.

6) May Ling -- > She is my good sister. At first we knew each other, we didn't have much topic to talk, like a big wall blocking up each other. Maybe that time she less online and didn't have much time. As in my memories, after half a year later, she online back and miraclly, I forget who she is that time, like a brand new friend to me. Guess what, now she had anything will come and talk to me, same goes to me having trouble will look for her and talk out together, very dependant on each other. Confident build up from what we chat from last time till now. And thanks her for giving me a part of my life as a sister. Oh ya, she is quite a busy type girl, always wants to make herself busy while her mind does not wanted to.

7) Alicia Lim -- > How should I say her, for me, she still the same old naughty girl I know her since last year. She does change due to someone, but for me, the way she chats to me, give me the feel that she is still the same old self. She does crap a lot, sometimes when boring will miss her and feel likes want to go and chat with her. She do care friends who care about her, well I guess I cant say much, she quite care me as a son. Recently cant chat with her already, maybe out of topic and she is busy.

8) Alex Choong -- > He is the first friend I have in Australia, although we came from same secondary and college, no luck on being friends that time. A guy full with experiences and a lot of motivation/passions while doing his own things. Staying together with him teaches me a thing, how to save and being a good buyer. He also had a strong self believe on himself, but still kinda worried when come to making a decision for some situations.

9) Keit Ch'ng -- > Martin's cousin, also know from playing games. For me he is a buddy type friends who always stands out for a friend when having trouble. A great friend to be with, crazyness inside him brings a lot of happy and joy together with Martin and of course myself, we attempted some crazy things together. Quite a hard sleeping person, likes to sleep often and makes Nicole so mad when she wanted to call him to wake up. Quite a gamer while comes to h0liday and likes to enjoy his life.

10) Sabrina Loi -- > At starting, feels like she is a hip hop girl, haha, don't know why got this feel, maybe because of her display picture on MSN. Passionate girl to be friend with, had a lot of self believe on herself. Don't mad at me, I feel that, she is a NO FEAR girl, does not fear of anything comes to her, she just solve it with a calm mind. O.o Don't know is right or wrong.=X We do chat a lot and I hope she will get the guy she wanted, not like the previous one who hurts her badly.

11) Cindy Lee -- > Emotional girl I can say, maybe she had some similarity with me, always like to be emo, maybe, not sure. Can say quite naughty girl, always come and bully me with things that is hard to solve, but eventually she has her own weakness that does not wanted so many people to know. A kind friend who does not like other friends to worry about her, and always come to me when having trouble, maybe I am a good listener. The name Cindy, is I think for her, and she likes it so much.

12) Yan Xiu -- > A funny and cheerful girl to started with, she always brings laughter to me, always have a nice smile to me while seeing her. ( didn't have many chances to meet her but I know she likes to smile ) She has a very deep personality that I think very few person can notice it quite clearly, even do I. I know one guy sure know her personality. When comes to trouble, a reliable girl to go to as she likes to care her friends well. A strong girl too, feels like in the future she will be very successful. Nowadays, if Martin beside her, I feel like chatting with the second Martin, but without him, feels nice and calm to talk to.

13) Alicia Chong -- > A very trouble-minded girl, always full with trouble and don't know what to do with it. Well, I know I really can't give out the best solution to her yet she still come and tell me the problems. She feels quite children kind of feel, like a cute little girl wants a guy to hug her. Don't get mad yaa someone who see this.

14) Jeff Chin -- > The longest friend I had ever known, the very first friend I had. 14 years so fast passed through our eyes, being through together a lot of things. Gamer minded as he always focus on his own game and rarely comes to caring when in game mode. Freaky guy I can concluded him. Nothing much on him, maybe a bit of awareness that he is studying hard now ? ? Probably yes probably not =X.

15) Bernice Ewe -- > Well know her not long ago, quite a money minded girl who always counted her own money well and manage it. Maybe that why she choose accounting as her main. Cheerful girl and treats her friends around her well. Talks to her give me a warm feel and her smile is very nice to see.

Will continue others later, is already 6am, and I didn't sleep?? nahh, I awake already and finish up the blog =D.
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