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by Nicholas on Nov.22, 2009, under

Getting back together with her already a month, this time is very different with the previous two times, I know it because, I also can feel that she change a lot, even do I. Sharon Low Sze Hean, really thanks a lot for coming back to my side, where I needed you so much. Seriously, I really tried to attempt to forget you in the previous month before being in this situation, but at last, I gave up for forgetting you, you are really truly the girl that I love the most and the only girl I wanted to be together.

Getting back together right now is quite hard for us, because she took a while to patch back the heart of mine. We had our promise together, she made a lot of sacrificies to this relationship right now, same goes do I( but comparing the sacrificies, she change due to all the situation we learnt together).

Is already being 4 years, August 2005 was the year we started together, passing through all the test and blockage that god set for us. I really could not believe it myself that I am that young, 20 years old, getting a very caring, understanding and lovely wife. She really change a lot for me, I really appreciate that what she had done for me so far, and for the future we set together. And for the first time ever, she promises me that, she would never leave me alone again, all she done just for the sake of me. I really really am touched for the act of her. I by here promises myself, and towards her, I really will take up the responsibility for taking care of her, protecting her for my entire life, although is quite young to decide the future right now, we are working hard towards it.

I really do hope this is the last and forever being together, I really have a great belief that this time, really is the time ~ that the 4 years ago the promise will be getting true, not in 6 years time, but right now. I really don't want to leave with regretness inside my heart, by leaving you behind yet again, anything, we will manage it together every single time when this moment starts.

LOVE YOU my dear WIFE, Sze Hean.
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